High Quality Play Parachutes of Various Sizes Make for All Kinds of Fun & Interesting Group Games & Activities. These Play Parachutes Are Ideal For Children Of All Ages and Our Play Parachutes Are For Sale Online At Cheap, Discount Prices.

Play Parachutes For Fun Games

Group games can be a fun and important way to promote interaction and cooperation when you have a group of children. Some creative and interactive group games can help children develop movement awareness, balance, coordination, timing, flexibility, and agility. 

Parachute games are a fun interactive group game that can help kids develop a variety of skills.  Kids have a natural affinity for parachutes and absolutely love to play with them.  There are a variety of games for kids and adults that can be played with a ball and a parachute.  Simple games like rolling the ball around the parachute teach kids how to work together and promote hand-eye coordination.  Once children have mastered that skill, you can begin increasing the complexity of the game to develop even greater coordination and timing. Some parachute game ideas include seeing how high the group can toss the ball or how fast each group can get the ball rolling around the parachute without falling off.  If you have two parachutes, you can divide your group into teams and toss a ball back and forth from one parachute to the other.  You can even set up a small net to make this game even more of a challenge.  The games you can play with large and small parachutes are limited only to your imagination and can provide hours of fun for young and old alike.   Parachutes are a great addition to any school, after-school, or day care program and offer endless fun and numerous developmental benefits. 

We have five different size play parachutes so you can pick the diameter and number of handles that is appropriate for your group.  We have play parachutes available in the following diameters:  6-foot, 12-foot, 20-foot, 24-foot, and 30-foot.

Our play parachutes are priced substantially below the manufacturer's suggested retail prices to make it easy and affordable for you to add a parachute or two to your program selection of group games and activities. We want to be your first stop when you are shopping for group games and activities.